Autumn window cleaning in Gateshead & Tyneside.

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Autumn can be a nice time of year for window cleaners here in the North East of England. The summer weather was hot and hard to work in and the winter will be cold and wet but whether you live in Gateshead or Tyneside, Ponteland or Whitley Bay we are all hoping for a golden autumn.

It’s back to school time and many children will be going for the first time while others will be facing their final exams. We wish them all well and hope they have a good school year.

On the window cleaning front it is time to clean the solar panels. As the sun weakens we need every bit of efficiency possible to continue getting our hot water and electricity. Calling the window cleaner for this job can save you money all winter long. It is always worth asking Paul about the latest offers but you may have to be prepared to wait a week or two as K2 window cleaning and floor cleaning tends to be busy this time of year helping people to prepare for the oncoming winter.

K2 can fit your solar panel cleaning in with their regular window cleaning visit or can arrange to do it separately at a convenient time. This time of year we don’t get too much trouble with algae growth like we do in the winter but due to the dry summer everywhere we can suffer from dust and grime and can be plagued with dead insects. K2’s conservatory cleaning service can be very helpful, cleaning the cobwebs off the inside, the outside, the roof and the ceiling, making the windows dust and cobweb free so that you have a pleasant place to sit and relax where the sun comes in and the cold stays out.

From a business point of view any cladding you have may also be dusty and covered with cobwebs, which means that the guys at K2 will have to brave the spiders or more than likely use the water fed pole system to encourage the little creatures to find a different home. Cladding, like the bedding plants in the garden can look a little tired at this time of year so K2’s cladding cleaning service can freshen things up and make the exterior of your business look clean and decent. Meanwhile K2’s regular window cleaning service can add to the pristine look that attracts customers and makes the business thrive.

Of course there are many other things to do in order to prepare for autumn; the priority would be to make sure that your heating system is serviced, your chimneys are swept and that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly. Also checking your roof, making sure it is water tight and clearing out the gutters, especially of autumn leaves makes a lot of sense. On top of that it would be good to check any water pipes in the loft as a freezing winter can cause uninsulated pipes to burst. This also applies to outside taps so be aware that they can freeze and burst too. The other essential is to make sure that the tyres on your car have plenty of tread, enough to cope with very wet weather and some degree of ice; as tempting as it is to save money, our lives can depend on good tyres.

The two best months for sewing grass seed are October and April so if your grass burned during the hot weather just reseed and your lawn will soon be back to normal.

For the latest offers call Paul on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648; K2 operates in Gateshead, Morpeth Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Wallsend, Wideopen, Tyneside, Gosforth, Ponteland, North Shields, and Tynemouth.

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