Celebrate Spring With Special Offers!

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Spring is here and now your Spring Cleaning can be cheaper than ever!

K2 has offers for both new and regular customers so why wait? Whatever the job, contact K2 Cleaning Services, the best residential window cleaners in the North East. If you have never used K2 before, the spring offers make their premium window cleaning, solar panel cleaning and carpet cleaning services even easier to try.

Paul values his regular customers and is determined to give something back to them so why not call your favourite window cleaner to ask about his half price discount, friends and family discount and even free yes you read it correctly… free offers for all his regular customers. Ring Paul now to see what deals he has for you on: 0758 409 0508 or 0191263 6648.

If you are already a regular customer you will know Paul’s great reputation as a window cleaner in Newcastle, Ponteland , Tynemouth, North Shields and Gosforth. His legendary “peak shine” is known from Tyneside to Wideopen from Tynemouth to Whitley Bay and from Wallsend to Morpeth.

So why pay more? Call in the fully insured, friendly, professional window cleaner, you’ll be glad that you did!

Last month we discussed some of Granny’s very effective cleaning tips. Given their minimal impact on the environment the heroes of Granny’s day; lemons, vinegar, plain water and baking soda are also becoming the heroes of modern times.

The water fed pole system that K2 uses also makes window cleaners heroes of our environment as it uses specially treated plain water, no nasty chemicals added to clean your windows to a healthy shine. K2’s solar panel cleaning service can increase the efficiency of your solar collectors, thus benefitting the environment even more.

Here are a few more cleaning tips that K2 window cleaners have researched especially for you… and the environment!

  • Instead of using harsh chemicals to unclog drains, try pouring down half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of vinegar wait ten minutes and flush with boiling water.
  • Leave your shower head in vinegar over night to descale it.
  • Leave lemon juice in a bowl in the microwave for ten minutes before wiping out with a damp cloth.
  • To freshen you mattress, give it a good vacuum, then sprinkle baking soda on it; leave for four hours and vacuum off; you will have a nice fresh mattress; job done!
  • Rather than scrub burnt pans, try boiling vinegar in them and adding two teaspoons of baking soda, leave it to work for a while and then wipe it off.
  • Another use for baking soda is for getting rid of carpet stains. Wet a little baking soda and spread it on top of the stain, don’t scrub as that could damage the pile on the carpet, just press it down with a clean cloth. Wait for it to dry and vacuum up.
  • Of course if your whole floor is dirty that is the time to call Paul at K2 Carpet Cleaning. You can be confident about the environment as K2’s cleaning agents are non-toxic.
  • Some jobs require no chemicals at all, for instance, the dirt and organic deposits that build up in your vacuum cleaner can start rotting if left too long so the best advice is to empty it regularly.
  • Your floor mop can get toxic pretty fast so after use wash it thoroughly in fresh water and dry it, preferably in the sun.

K2 Window Cleaners are always on the lookout for ways to help you with your cleaning needs; call today and see what they can do for you!

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