Commercial Flooring

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Whether you run a coffee shop in Gosforth, a hairdresser’s in Tyneside or an office in Newcastle you will be walking on something and that something, will have to be maintained.

There are a wide variety of flooring options and the secret is to get something appropriate but that won’t take too much maintenance. This is why some supermarkets have changed from plastic to non-slip ceramic or earthenware tiles. Plastic tiles look good, they can be made to shine and to reflect light upwards but they must be cleaned regularly, buffed every day and periodically stripped and sealed. Whereas the earthenware does not shine and sometimes the grouting traps the dirt, but they generally only need a mop and an occasional scrub.

So there is a balance to be found and it can depend on the impression you are looking for. Mostly the public will not notice your flooring unless it is wrong. For instance dirty grout doesn’t go down well in a restaurant whereas it can look fine in a farm shop.

Maintenance of floors costs money and offices in particular have a dilemma because it is unusual to use ceramics as they give the impression of being too cold, but hard plastic floors will need to be buffed and look shiny and carpets will need to be cleaned. Many people go for the carpet option because a feeling of comfort in the work place leads to a nicer working atmosphere.

Of all the different types of flooring, carpet would be the highest to maintain. It also looks the worst if it is not clean; however if you are running a Hotel in the North East where you want to welcome visitors and promote the area, you will most likely want to give your space a feeling of luxury and relaxation and as carpet has the additional benefit of sound dampening you might decide that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. This would also apply to Bed and Breakfasts whether they are in Whitley Bay or Tynemouth or anywhere else in the North-East.

However if you do decide to go with carpet how do you keep it looking good?

Well there would be the day to day maintenance that a lady with a good vacuum cleaner could do but this will only go so far. If you invested in good carpet in the first place it should be robust and last a long time but it will get dirty. That is where K2 carpet cleaning services come in. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner, K2 is the company to go for. Cleaning public areas with environmentally friendly products means that there are no residual chemicals that are likely to cause allergic reactions.

With K2 you have a choice of either a one off clean or a regular arrangement so that your carpets are cleaned on a prearranged schedule. This suits many business people as it benefits their financial planning and they can negotiate a more favourable rate. While you are having your carpets cleaned you may wish to have your upholstery cleaning done as well. There are some places like hotel lobbies for instance where there is a lot of traffic but it is important that the furniture looks clean and inviting. Regular cleaning will make your furniture and carpets last longer as well as keeping them looking good so it can be well worth the investment.

It is always worth calling K2 window cleaners and carpet cleaners on 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648 for their monthly offers; regular carpet maintenance in Gateshead, Morpeth, North Shields, Ponteland, Tynemouth, Wallsend, Wideopen or anywhere else in the North-East can cost far less than you think.

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