Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaners in Newcastle and the North East of England

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We at K2 window cleaners in Morpeth and Wideopen are proud of the reputation we have built up over the years. As anyone who is in business knows it is not easy to keep a company thriving in these competitive times. One of the secrets to business success is investment and we at K2 Window Cleaning Services have valued our customers enough over the years to invest in the latest window cleaning technology.

The reach and wash system relies on de-ionised water, which attracts the dirt and takes it off of the window without the use of detergents. Once the dirt is gone, the operative can rinse the glass and the pure water will dry on the window without spotting or streaking. This technique results in lovely clean windows without the dangers of climbing a ladder. Remember that K2 will also clean the frames and sills for free. There are no toxic chemicals involved and the pole system can reach into all the awkward places without putting anyone at risk.

In the olden days when everyone had to climb up ladders the window cleaner could face lots of challenges. There was always the danger of cracking tiles on the roof whilst trying to get to an awkward window or he could lean the ladders on the guttering, bending it out of shape. Fortunately nowadays all such problems are things of the past.

There are a few circumstances where using this method of cleaning windows would not be suitable. For instance in the middle of an icy winter the water could freeze on the glass as well as on the footpath causing a skating rink effect; also nobody uses the reach and wash system in a shopping mall where the water would cause a slip hazard; this is one place that window cleaners have to use more traditional methods.

The reach and wash system uses only pure water and no noxious ingredients. This means that your window cleaning will not harm the environment. Any window cleaner that is worth his salt will be happy to invest in the finest kit he can pay for and this shows commitment to his business; anyone that is not willing to invest is either nearing retirement or a fly-by-night who will not survive as a window cleaner.

At K2 Window Cleaning we are well trained, hardworking, friendly and experienced. We are also very knowledgeable and competent in safety procedures; which means that we will issue a safety statement specific to your commercial premises and make sure that everyone is secure throughout the job. We at K2 window cleaners of Gateshead and Whitley Bay value all our customers. That is why we are fully insured and we guarantee all the work we do; if you are not happy with the job we will come back and clean the offending windows again and again to your absolute satisfaction and our “Peak Shine.”

We undertake to treat all our customers honestly and with respect and we always endeavour to listen carefully to every customer’s individual needs. We understand that having a window cleaner is not an extravagance but a need and that is why we will always provide you with the very best value for your hard earned money.

So if you need a window cleaner why not find out about our free and half price offers? Give Paul a call on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648. K2 offers a professional window cleaning service in: Gosforth, Tyneside, Ponteland, Gateshead, Whitley Bay, North Shields, Wideopen and Tynemouth Wallsend, Morpeth, Newcastle and all over the North East of England.

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