How to Grab a Bargain.

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Just a little reminder before we begin this month’s blog; December is the busiest month of the year for window cleaners so please remember to ring Paul early for all your domestic and commercial window cleaning needs on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648 early in the month to book your clean.

K2 window cleaning and carpet cleaning services, clean windows, conservatories including roofs, floors, cladding, solar panels, upholstery and carpets and at busy times they prioritise their regular customers so if you are not a regular customer or if you need extra work done or have a specific date in mind please book in early so that we can plan to cover all your cleaning needs.

Remember that K2 window cleaning operates in Morpeth, Ponteland, North Shields, Wallsend, Whitley Bay, Gateshead, Wideopen, Newcastle, Tyneside, Tynemouth, Gosforth and all over the North East.

This is the time of year when we tend to be looking for bargains and if you ring Paul at K2 window cleaning and upholstery cleaning he will be glad to inform you of all the latest offers.

What is a bargain? Not all cheap things are bargains. Cheap things can be just cheap and cheerful and sometimes that is ok; for instance if your child is growing fast it would be pointless buying him expensive clothes that would last a long time unless you had someone to pass them down to. When it comes to buying shoes however, whilst not necessarily paying for designer names, it is good to watch the quality of what you put on growing feet; this is somewhere that a price reduction would be useful but cheap and cheerful would not apply even if the feet are growing rapidly.

So there is a balance. An actual bargain has to be reduced in price by at least twenty percent, fit for purpose, of sufficient quality, somewhat future proof and something you actually want and will use rather than something you got just because it was cheap. Things that are cheap do not always last very long. So how do we get the bargains?

Some people queue from very early in the morning or even from the night before when particular sales are coming on. To make the most of this it is best to know exactly what you want and where to go for it when the doors of the shop are flung open.

Sometimes an item may look better than it actually is. This is true especially of furniture that you have seen online or in a catalogue. It is wise not to buy any item, especially if it is large or expensive without seeing it in the flesh first.

In the case of electrical goods, it is usually the older models that are sold off cheaper so it is essential that you check the specs and that you read the reviews on an item before you buy it. When it comes to smaller items like mobile phones the cheapest place to buy them is usually through one of the Chinese websites but if you go down that road please remember that it is very hard to get something repaired if it goes wrong so check carefully from other people that already have the device what the quality of that item really is, and be aware that you may be charged duty on it.  One way round this is to always order from the European warehouses; buying from these websites can be considerably cheaper but you are taking a risk, so if you choose to use them… buyer beware.

From all at K2 we wish you a great shopping season and may you grab plenty of bargains!

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