How Important are Business Reviews?

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Have you noticed the amount of shops lately that have a little stand at the exit with four buttons, each with a face graduating from sad to smiley? Of course they are hoping you will always hit the smiley face. The fact is that reviews are becoming increasingly more important and any large business will ask its customers for feedback, however even small businesses can benefit from good reviews.

Statistics say that ninety percent of customers read online reviews before visiting a business that they have not dealt with before, in fact eighty-eight percent see online reviews the same way as personal recommendations. They even spend an average of thirty-one per cent more money with businesses that have excellent reviews. Potential customers read an average of five reviews before committing to spend their money.

So how can we get those positive reviews? Well think about your own positive shopping experiences. There could be two shops in Newcastle high street selling virtually the same goods but the one that will attract the most customer loyalty will be the one with the efficient, helpful and above all, friendly staff. Of course prices will also have to be competitive or people will swallow their pride and go to the other shop.

One way to know how you are doing is to pay attention to the reviews you already have. If there is a repeating negative point, do something about it. If you are going to respond personally to negative reviews be nice to people, not defensive. And accept that statistically, no matter how good your product is or how friendly your staff may be, there will always be someone you can’t please. The secret is to solve the customer’s problems before they leave the shop.

K2 Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning, operating in the North-East of England, give a customer satisfaction guarantee. K2 has a reputation for being honest and reliable so in the unlikely event that a customer is not satisfied with their work they will go back and fix the problem even if it means doing the whole job again. Worst case scenario, the customer gets a refund. This is fair to the customer and upholds the reputation of the business; it also means that people are not risking their money because they will always get the job they are happy with.

There are things that people don’t notice about businesses unless they are not right and of course the biggest thing in that category has to be cleanliness. This especially applies to food outlets, whether you own a grocer’s shop in Gosforth, a gastro-pub in North Shields or a tea shop in Tyneside. Studies for cafes and restaurants show that repeat customers can account for at least fifteen percent of your business and more than twenty-five percent of your revenue. If your public toilets are not clean, the public will let you know. If your carpets are grubby or your windows are dirty, people will think that your kitchens are dirty too.

K2 Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning are experts at keeping your carpets and windows fresh and clean, brightening your doors and window frames giving a great impression to your customers even before they walk into your shop, helping to boost your positive reviews and encouraging people to become regular customers.

Paul and his team will work when your business is either quiet or closed so as not to disturb your customers.

K2 Window Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners operate all over the North-East of England, including: Morpeth, Tyneside, Tynemouth, Ponteland, Gosforth, Gateshead, Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Wideopen, Wallsend and North Shields.

See what K2 Window Cleaning can do for your business, call now on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648

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