K2 Offers Great Window Cleaning Deals in Gateshead and Tyneside.

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Because of the weather we are getting at this time of year our windows tend to get grubby very quickly and for our domestic customers the dark days can feel even darker if they are looking out of dirty windows.

The good news is that we at K2 window cleaning are not afraid of the cold weather and we clean and shine domestic and commercial windows even in the depths of winter. In fact we believe that we are the best domestic and commercial window cleaners Tyneside has to offer. We invite you to give us a try to see if you agree.

We always aim to treat our customers fairly and when it comes to our free quotation service you will find that our prices reflect the amount of work we do and the costs involved and we do not let our imaginations run free where your money is concerned. In fact in most months of the year we have attractive offers that are very easy on your pocket. We offer an efficient, regular and cost effective service that takes the worry out of your window cleaning, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.

We at K2 are happy to quote for small jobs as well as large ones. We will clean everything from old people’s bungalows to large factories. We will be friendly, patient and efficient whist paying attention to detail and getting the job right. So if you want your windows cleaned up to K2’s high standard of its famous “peak shine,” K2 window cleaning is the company to choose.

K2 Gateshead window cleaners will work hard to cheer up those dull winter days and before you know it the light nights will be back with us again. Please note that springtime can be a busy time for window cleaners because when the flowers and the sunshine appear everybody starts thinking about spring cleaning and they usually look for a good window cleaner. As you know K2 covers quite a wide region of the North-East of England so whether you live in Ponteland or Whitley Bay or Newcastle or Morpeth you can call Paul and get your windows cleaned. This means however that spring is the second busiest time of year after Christmas and if you have a special occasion or any urgent needs you will need to book in advance to make sure that your window cleaning is done on time.

We at K2 window cleaning are happy to quote for one off cleans and deep cleans as well as builder’s cleans. Regular cleans usually come out cheaper because if the cleaning is done regularly the dirt doesn’t build up and it takes less time to do the cleaning; so whether you run a business or are just a normal householder this can make sense. We can schedule window cleaning weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every six weeks. Occasionally people want their windows cleaned every three months and while we are happy to do this quite a lot of dirt can build up in that time making the frames, sills and windows look grubby. In the winter the dirt comes from the weather and in the summer it can come from dust and abundant spider’s webs.

However at any time of year we at K2 can keep your windows and frames clean and clear making your home or business more inviting.

So whether you live in Gateshead or Tyneside, Wallsend, Tynemouth, Wideopen, Gosforth, North Shields, Newcastle, Morpeth, Whitley Bay or Ponteland, K2 is the window cleaning company for you. Ring: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648 today.

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