K2 Offers Great Window Cleaning Services in Gateshead and Tynemouth.

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We believe that K2 Window Cleaning has some of the best window cleaners in Gateshead and Tyneside. We also operate in Morpeth, Ponteland, Gosforth, Whitley Bay, Newcastle, Tynemouth, Wallsend, Wideopen, North Shields, and all over the North-East of England.

But why have your windows cleaned?

Having a clean exterior to your home reflects well upon you reputation and adds to the dignity of your whole area. As you know there are some jobs you can do yourself such as sweeping up the dead leaves and cutting the grass but when it comes to jobs like window cleaning it is wise to get a professional to do it for you.

Professional window cleaning companies like K2 have the right equipment and are fully safety trained. The average householder does not keep a water fed pole system lying around in his shed and so would have to climb ladders to reach the upper windows. We at K2 never take a risk that isn’t necessary and when we do we have the expertise to keep that risk to a minimum. Isn’t it better that we handle the hazardous jobs rather than the householder taking chances that could lead to a nasty fall and weeks off work just to save a few pounds?

If you own commercial premises you will not have time to clean the windows yourself and of course you are not going to ask your staff to climb ladders for you, so it makes sense to call K2 Window Cleaning Tyneside for a free, no-obligation, itemized quote. It is just as true for commercial premises as it is for private homes that having the exterior of your premises clean and tidy adds to the dignity and attractiveness of your business. In fact for most firms having a regular, reliable window cleaner is an essential. Granted this is a need and not a want and that is why K2 window cleaning Gateshead offers cost effective packages that are tailored to suit your particular business.

If you have not used K2 window cleaning Gateshead before ask Paul to inform you of our special offers because we believe that once you have used our service, you will be happy to have us as your regular window cleaners especially since we are efficient and safety conscious.

It is good to know that the water fed pole system is environmentally friendly as it runs on pure water and uses no toxic chemicals. This means that as well as being good for the planet there is nothing in the water that will attack your frames or sills and yet it cleans windows to our brilliant “Peak Shine.” The poles have a high reach for multi storied buildings.

We know just how to tackle awkward and difficult areas; in our years of experience there are very few challenges we have not come across. Of course we are happy to prepare safety statements, show proof of our public liability insurance and make any arrangements necessary so that you, your customers, your staff and we ourselves are never in any danger.

What have you got to lose? In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our work our satisfaction guarantee means that we will come back and re-clean any problem areas without quibbling or complaining. So whatever the size of your job, from one shop window to a whole industrial unit we will be happy to clean them for you. Please ring Paul on 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648 to find out our latest value for money prices.

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