K2 Window Cleaning’s Guide to Choosing a Home Computer.

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From Gateshead to Newcastle to North Shields the January sales are in full swing and even the window cleaners among us are looking for a bargain. Of course it always pays to ask K2 Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning for their domestic and commercial special offers which apply to regular customers as well as to new ones and remember, getting K2 to clean your windows, conservatories and solar panels to their trademark “Peak Shine” gives you more time to hit those sales!

When it comes to computers there can be a very confusing array of offers so how can we tell what a real bargain is and what just looks good? Basically you get what you pay for; the higher the technical specifications, the better the computer will be but the more money you will have to pay. So how do you get the balance right?

Firstly by deciding what you want the computer for. Are you into social media? Are you a student or do you run a small business? Are you a photographer or a gamer? If all you do is social media you may not need a laptop at all, perhaps your phone or tablet be sufficient.

If you are a student or you run a small family business you will need a lot less computing power than if you are a gamer. So what’s the difference?

One word… speed.

Things like pages of text or even pictures from articles are static and demand much less of the computer than gaming images that are always moving.

So check the chip speed; the cheap computers can have speeds as low as 1.2 GHZ but that would mean that they have old or cheap technology. A good minimum would be 2GHZ as this would allow you to stream as well as use office type applications but if you are a gamer you would want at least 3GHZ.

Also watch your RAM. Cheap computers contain four gigabytes of RAM and they function okay but you if you want to future proof your computer you would be better off with eight gigabytes. Gamers would ideally want 16 gigabytes of RAM and 6MB cache as well as a good graphics card and great screen resolution.

Be aware that a lot of new machines these days don’t have optical drives and that means you can’t play your favourite DVD’s on them; also they don’t always have HDMI ports, so if you are used to streaming things to your TV from your laptop you need to find one that had the right ports on it. The optical drives and the HDMI ports usually come on the cheaper computers as they are normally slightly older technology.

The other thing you need to be aware of is your hard drive. Normally these days if a computer is any way half decent it will have a hard drive with at least a terabyte of memory; that is a thousand and twenty-four gigabytes. This will hold your operating system, all your apps and as many photos as you wish to put on it.

Computers are expensive so get the right one for you; make sure you don’t skimp on what you need as if you get it wrong you’ll have to live with it. The trick is only to pay for what you need.

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