Keep the Kids safe… and the Pets!

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Last time we spoke about safety in the workplace and this time we will speak about another important subject: safety at home.

The most important aspect of home safety is when it has to do with children and in this article we will especially deal the little ones who don’t yet have any concept of danger. Parents and grandparents should do their best to make their homes small child friendly. Below are K2 Window Cleaning’s tips and tricks to keep your child safe and away from harm.

A very important piece of advice is always to put the cold water in the bath first. It is much more dangerous to put a child in water that is slightly too hot than slightly too cold and it is not always easy to tell the difference. Also remember to keep a child safety gate at the top of the stairs, not just at the bottom and always keep your eye on small ones, especially when crawling as they can find things under the furniture that you might have long forgotten about.

Always put cleaning chemicals out of the reach of children, including those tabs for the washing machine. Never ever store anti-freeze or other nasty chemicals in drinks bottles as neither the kids nor possibly the adults will be able to tell the difference.  As far as possible use non-toxic cleaning products; fortunately K2 Window Cleaning’s reach and wash pole system cleans windows, conservatories, fascia, soffit and cladding without the use of chemicals and so it is much safer for pets and children. Also K2’s carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning products are eco-friendly and are safe and non-toxic.

Always make sure that the kids and of course the adults are properly strapped into cars and be aware of electric windows as children have been known to be strangled by them. It is so tempting if the little one goes to sleep on a car journey to leave him in there if you arrive home before he wakes up. But think of the dangers; he could become too hot, if the car is locked and there is an emergency, like the car catching fire, he can’t get out, but if the car is not locked, the car or even the child could be stolen. Also if the child wakes up and you are not there he could panic and if he is old enough to get out he could run into the road, into danger, looking for you.

The most dangerous room in the house is probably the kitchen. Don’t keep cleaning chemicals under the sink as children soon become adept at overcoming any safety locks you might put on the doors and drawers. Don’t keep sharp knives or scissors where little hands can reach them. It might even suit you to keep your kitchen implements a little blunter than you would like in case you forget and leave something lying around. Always be aware of children being able to pull boiling pots down on themselves. Where possible cook on the back two rings of the cooker and always turn the handles inwards so that little hands can’t catch hold of them.

Always be aware of choking hazards. Small children put things in their mouths in order to learn about the world. Older siblings can have toys with small pieces and must be trained to keep these away from under three year olds.

Look out for next month’s blog that will talk about more safety issues; please call K2 domestic and commercial window cleaning on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648; They operate in North Shields, Ponteland, Whitley Bay, Wallsend, Wideopen, Morpeth, Gateshead, Tyneside, Newcastle, Gosforth and Tynemouth.

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