Kids off school? K2 can help you beat the summer boredom!

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Summer has come to the North-East and there is to be no more school for six weeks and the kids are delighted. But after the euphoria of being able to stay in bed longer and the laziness of the first few days… what then?

It is useful to check out the latest offers from K2 window cleaning and carpet cleaning, fully insured services as these can free up time that can be spent with the children. As we know, they only have one childhood and when it is gone there is no getting it back.

We asked a grandmother what her children did when they were young. These are the school holidays from her point of view:

When my children were small the first video game came out. It was called Pong; you could buy it in Newcastle and you had to plug it into your TV which might still be black and white at that time. By the time the Commodore sixteen and the early Amstrads appeared the TV was more likely to be in colour so games improved rapidly, that’s when the rallying games came out. Even then there was some pressure to stay inside playing video games rather than going out into the fresh air.

Of course there were always kids playing football in the streets and games like tip-the- can and hopscotch never went out of fashion. I remember my daughter raiding cupboards for things to sell in her pretend shop and on other days we would bake things together; it was a great way for her to learn to cook. I remember my son following the cryptic clues that I would hide all around our small garden hoping to find something good at the end of the treasure hunt.

We were the household with the sand pit and a paddling pool; ours was shaped like a turtle. On hot summer days all the kids in the street would be in our back garden slithering down a small slide and splashing into the pool.

The kids loved to make dens. On wet days these would be blankets, sheets or spare curtains draped over the back of furniture. Once set up they could be the centre of many an imagined adventure. If the weather was good the den could be in the back garden, as simple as a blanket hung over a line slung between two trees. For quieter moments there was always Scrabble. I liked that game because being the adult playing against kids I usually won.

One of the most fun things we did was to put on plays. All the kids in the neighbourhood would be involved and their parents would make up the audience. I still remember them performing “Star Trekkin” with the boy playing Scottie asking, “What does this button do?” and pretending to blow everyone up.

Children haven’t changed much in the last forty years, they still love all those fun things and now I have grandchildren of my own I love to spend time with them.  The great thing is that I can spoil them and give their parents a break at the same time. These days I treat them to the cinema or teach them art, which is my passion.

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