Ladder Safety

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Did you know that most fatal injuries on ladders occur at a height of less than three meters and around seventy-five percent of deaths are due to head injury? Even a small fall can result in time off work and some people inevitably end up in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.


So what can we do to keep ourselves safe? Here is the K2 professional and domestic window cleaning guide to ladder safety:

Firstly the “don’ts” when working on a ladder:

  • Don’t perform hot work, i.e. soldering, welding or live electrical work whilst standing on a ladder. If you get a shock or you touch anything hot, the chances are you will fall off.
  • Don’t take any chances when setting up the ladder; this can become a bad habit that will backfire in the end.
  • Don’t overreach or you may topple over, get down and move the ladder along even if this feels tedious or unnecessary; you will never know if it saved your life or not but get into the habit of ladder safety and you will never have to find out.
  • Don’t face away from the ladder, especially when ascending or descending, always face towards it and hold on with both hands.
  • Don’t stand on the very top of the ladder; you should be at least one meter below in order to be safe.


There are also some important “do’s” for ladder safety:

  • Do get the angle of lean right; for every four feet you are leaning up the wall, the ladder should be one foot out. This means if you have a six foot ladder the bottom should be one and a half feet from the wall and you can only stand three feet high on it as you have to allow that three feet or one meter at the top.
  • Do wear a hard hat, it can protect your head if you fall.
  • Do secure the ladder top and bottom, make sure it is stable and doesn’t wobble and that the ground is even so it is not leaning even a little bit as the nearer the top you go the more the angle of lean will be magnified. Ideally you should be trained in the use of ladder arrest equipment.
  • If you don’t have ladder arrest equipment then do have someone to foot the ladder for you. This is important especially on slippery surfaces as the ladder can slide out from under your feet. The safest thing to do under such circumstances is to not go up the ladder at all; if it is a freezing day and that is what is causing the slipperiness, just be patient and do the job another day.

You can see from all of this that there is definitely an argument when ladder work is needed to call in the professionals. In the case of window cleaning, K2 window cleaners are not only very experienced in ladder safety but wherever possible they use the eco-friendly reach and wash system and don’t go up ladders at all. A good professional window cleaner, electrician, builder, roofer or any other trade operating in the north-east of England will know all about how to do the job safely without putting themselves or anyone else in danger.


You can trust K2 window cleaners and carpet cleaners to use their expertise to make the work place safe on all commercial and domestic premises.

So why not call Paul on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648;

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