We clean anything from small residential arrays to full scale "solar farm" installations

Expert solar panel cleaning Newcastle and North Shields.


Is your solar array under-performing?

The UK isn’t famous for its sunshine, so we need to make the most of what we can get – especially when trying the get the most from photovoltaic solar panels.

Did you know that regular cleaning of your solar panels can produce a significant increase in their output? Dust, traffic film, algae growth, moss & lichen can all collect on the panels surface and block valuable sunlight.

K2 Window Cleaning can give your solar panels the same “Peak Shine” as your windows, making sure every bit of sunlight possible gets through and efficiency is maximised all year round.

With reported increases in output between 10 – 25%, solar panel cleaning doesn’t cost money, it pays!

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

We offer solar farm cleaning services in Newcastle, North Tyneside and all across the North East for larger projects.

The larger the array, the bigger the benefits that regular cleaning can bring. Most of our commercial solar clients have their arrays cleaned twice annually for the best return on their investment, although in areas where dust or traffic pollution is an issue, more regular cleaning may be beneficial.

At K2 Window Cleaning we have all the relevant health & safety documentation, training, experience, equipment and insurance to undertake almost any size of project.

Call us today on 0758 409 0508 or 0191263 6648 to find out more!

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