Spring At Last.

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After a long, dark winter the spring is with us at last and with it thoughts of outdoor living in the season ahead. And why not? The North-East of England is full of outstanding natural beauty. Once you get out of the cities like North Shields and Gosforth there are great opportunities just on the doorstep for rest and relaxation and for this reason many people like to own caravans or motor homes.

If you go to a Hotel you are stuck in one place but with a caravan you can go off into the wild where hotels don’t exist if you want to, or you can own a static caravan where you can have extended holidays with the children and grandchildren for much less money than you would spend in a hotel. Otherwise you may want to rent your caravan out in the season, whenever you are not using it yourselves, to help defray the costs.

This time of year you will be getting your accommodation ready the (hopefully) sunny days ahead and K2 can help you with this. The outside of your caravan probably looks a bit green after the wet winter but this is no problem for K2’s cladding cleaning service which can easily scrub away the algae making the outside look good as new. At the same time K2’s carpet cleaning service can clean and refresh the carpets and upholstery inside the caravan, removing dust and that musty winter smell ready for the hoped for sunshine ahead.

While we are on the subject of carpets have you noticed lately that when you go into flooring shops you often see more choices for carpet than you do for hard floors? Carpets still have their attractions; they have cosy insulating qualities and many people prefer that comfortable feel. Also they are definitely safer for family members like small children or elderly people that are prone to falling and they can be much more non slip than hard floors.

Carpets and mats are also popular in hotels and offices as they give that warm  feeling of luxury. But wherever they are they will eventually need cleaning and whether it is an office in Newcastle or a bed and breakfast in Whitley Bay, K2 Cleaning Services is ready to help. Their professional carpet cleaning equipment takes almost all the water out of the carpets leaving them to quick dry in just a couple of hours. Not only that but K2’s excellent upholstery cleaning service means that everything from hotel lobbies to your cosy living room to your holiday caravan can be kept looking clean and fresh and welcoming at all times. Of course you have nothing to lose because everything is covered by K2’s public liability insurance and personal satisfaction guarantee.

Having clean carpets can be especially important if you are running a business. Grubby carpets in hotel rooms or hallways can be very off-putting for the guests and they are not likely to stay with you again; whereas if everything is clean and fresh that definitely makes a difference to the review that people post on TripAdvisor.

While they are with you the K2 team are also happy to clean your windows, conservatories and solar panels and it is always worth asking if there would be a special offer price for doing the whole job together.

K2 Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Services operates all over the North-East of England, including:  Gosforth, Gateshead, Morpeth, Newcastle, North Shields, Ponteland, Tynemouth, Tyneside, Wallsend, Wideopen, and Whitley Bay.

Please ring: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648 for your free quotation.


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