Spring is Just around the Corner.

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They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. So things can only get better than the snow we have at the moment and when they do K2 Window Cleaning and Carpet cleaning will be there to help you clean up. In the meantime heed all the warnings and stay safe.

As much as we love the beauty of the snow the idea of the coming spring and emerging from the darkness of the winter into bright sunshine is very therapeutic and the good news is that there is a whole long summer to look forward to.

But before we can do that there is the spring cleaning to tackle. Many of us will be eager to wash away the winter blues and even the algae greens and forget the cold dark days. This is where K2 Window Cleaning and Cladding Cleaning comes in. At this time of year the insides of the windows often have a dusting of black mould on them caused by condensation over the winter. As they are not subject to the weather like the exterior of your windows you can generally get away with cleaning them less often but they will definitely need doing in the springtime. Look out for the spring offers on K2’s Window Cleaning website.

The soffit and fascias usually need cleaning at this time of year and the conservatory window frames as well as any solar panels you may have as you wouldn’t want to waste any of that precious summer sunshine. For commercial businesses this is the time of year to get the cladding cleaned and K2 is the ideal firm to call in for all these jobs as they have the equipment to tackle big jobs as well as small.

This cold, snowy spell will pass and we will soon be into much softer weather. Don’t forget that the clocks go forward on Sunday 25th March. We lose and hour’s sleep but we gain those lovely long evenings. This is the time of year that K2 Window cleaning and Cladding Cleaning gets busy so it is a good idea to book in well in advance as otherwise they may take several weeks to get to you.

Don’t forget your spring decorating. Once your walls are freshened up you will most likely want the carpets cleaned and freshened too, in fact not only does K2 Window Cleaners also clean carpets but they will clean your upholstery too.

One problem that people are having with the new colours, the greys that are popular at the moment is that nothing else in the house matches them. Don’t worry, just change your accessories, add some silver to the room as this will lift the colours you have; buy silver grey throws for the furniture or some grey cushions for the sofa or some cheap grey curtains or a tinsel grey mat for the middle of the room. Don’t spend too much as fads this extreme don’t last too long.

The modern grey colours look good in offices as well as private homes and there too K2 can clean the carpets and upholstery to a high standard to produce a clean, pleasant working atmosphere.

So if you have a warehouse in Whitley Bay, a terraced house in Tyneside or a Gym in Gosforth, K2 Cleaning Company can help you with all your hygiene needs.

K2 Window Cleaners and Carpet Cleaners operate all over the North-East including:  North Shields, Ponteland, Wallsend, Wideopen, Gateshead, Newcastle, Tynemouth and Morpeth.  Ring: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648

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