This is a Great Time of Year for Cleaning Solar Panels.

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June is a busy month for grass cutting; you may find yourself mowing the lawn up to twice a week. This is because of all the months in the year, June has the longest periods of sunlight. The twenty-first of June is the longest day and the weeks before and afterwards, even on overcast days provide a lot of energy from the sun.

If you want to take full advantage of this abundant sunshine you need to make sure that your solar panels are properly clean. For domestic customers this can be a problem as solar panels are usually situated on the roof. If you decide to get up and clean them yourselves you are not only risking your own life and limb but if you walk on the roof you could break tiles and if you trip you might even break the solar panels.

So why not get the experts to do the job? We at K2 offer a solar panel cleaning service that is second to none. Often we don’t need to set foot on the roof at all as our reach and wash system will more than deal with the heights that would normally be involved. On buildings above sixty feet in height we will use a man lift to reach the solar panels, making sure that there is no risk of damage to the roof.

We also offer commercial solar panel cleaning services covering all the big towns in the North-East including Tyneside, North Shields and Newcastle. As you will already be aware, the cost of the solar panel cleaning is more than made up for by increased electricity production from the panels so why not use the company that always cleans glass to their legendary “peak shine?”

We need to take full advantage of the British summer and the sunlight it brings. We know that solar panels are great for the environment and if you are selling electricity back to the grid it makes sense to keep them clean as maximum efficiency means maximum returns. Our solar panel cleaning service Newcastle if efficient, cost effective and can be scheduled so that you don’t even have to remember to call us in.

A word of caution; if you are considering fitting solar panels ask your salesman to introduce you to others that have already got them so that you can ask the appropriate questions. Fitting solar panels is not right for everyone because whether you are thinking of getting them for a domestic home or a business they represent a considerable investment.

In some cases, for instance if you have to borrow the money and are therefore paying interest there might not be much of a financial return. Of course there is a definite environmental return and you may be happy to use solar panels just for the satisfaction of doing your bit to save the planet. However it is always wise to get good financial advice before you make your decision. If you want to see how beneficial solar electricity is for the planet look at your electricity bill. Usually on the back it will tell you how many kg of carbon dioxide the energy you consumed emitted.

For those that already have solar panels it will pay you and the environment to look after them and K2’s solar panel cleaning services certainly ensure that keeping them clean is easy and straightforward. So if you live anywhere in the North-East of England don’t forget to ring Paul on 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648 and book in your solar panel clean today!

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